10년차 월스트리트 전문가의 크립토퀀트 합류기

Q. 자기소개 부탁드려요!

Hello, my name is Ben Brannan. I’m the Head of Strategy & Growth at CryptoQuant. I joined the company at the peak of the bull run in October, 2021 (WAGMI). I’m the first full-time hire based outside South Korea - Currently based in Miami, Florida and leading the efforts to expand our US team!

Q. Head of Strategy & Growth는 어떤 일을 하나요?

My position at CryptoQuant includes a couple areas of responsibility including general business development such as partnerships, sales and account management as well as go-to-market strategy.
Right now I am focusing most of my attention in three main areas:1. Building out our institutional sales team2. Fostering new client relationships and generating revenue

Q. 크립토퀀트 이전에는 어떤 경력을 가지고 계신가요?

I’ve had two phases in my career, the first phase was roughly seven years spent working on Wall Street. Including at AllianceBernstein as an associate portfolio manager implementing investment decisions for client accounts and day-to-day monitoring of $40 billion in equity portfolio positions. I also spent four years at MSCI on their quantitative analytics sales team where I really learned the fundamentals of quant investing.
The second phase of my career has been more entrepreneurial.. building out sales teams at start-ups including as co-founder of a physical commodity trading desk where I traded over $5 million in physical commodities across five Latin American countries.

Q. 월스트리트에서 주로 경력을 쌓으셨는데, 크립토퀀트를 선택한 이유가 무엇인가요?

I’ve been interested in the blockchain industry (specifically crypto trading) since 2017 but didn’t enter full-time until I joined CryptoQuant in 2021.
It was mainly my interest in bitcoin, “sound money” and decentralized finance that was the reason why I wanted to join the blockchain industry. I think I probably spent too many years working on Wall Street and in legacy finance. So crypto and defi was kind of a f*ck you to the old way of doing finance.
CryptoQuant is a leader in on-chain data, especially for digital asset trading and investing. Everyone at CryptoQuant can be proud of that. We’re also unique in that we are able to supply these types of products and services to both a retail and institutional client-base which is actually pretty rare for most “traditional asset” data providers. And it actually ends up being a lot cooler when everyone can join in.

Q. 크립토퀀트가 가진 매력은 무엇인가요?

CryptoQuant has THE PRODUCT to lower the barriers in this market and I know it”
I was definitely happy when I closed CryptoQuant’s first paid institutional client integration which happened to be with one of the largest US bulge bracket banks. I think at that point I realized that not only do we have a product that is going to be hugely successful at lowering the barriers to data-driven digital asset investing, but that I was also really passionate about bringing this to market.
“Web3 is fast, so you can become a specialist just by following up with it”
Web3 moves really fast! The industry is advancing at such a fast pace and it can be challenging to try and understand everything. That’s why you have to kind of specialize in a way. Everyone has to be a little crazy to work in an industry on the cutting edge of technology. But, at the same time, I think the speed is one of the most fun aspects of web3 also. There’s always a new protocol or project to learn about.
“CryptoQuant will expand its influence on the market more and more”
As “on-chain” becomes more and more relevant not only for the crypto industry, but also in relation to tokenizing real world assets, I believe on-chain data companies like CryptoQuant stand to gain the most. I am not sure if this will be in six months, one year or five years from now but I am looking forward to the journey.